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"No Body Perfect"

This time..We make mistake in our live. So, do you know that? Please, You answer this question in your mind!..if you tell for me..I want tell for you too..for my mind about “ No Body Perfect”.

Yes..No Body Perfect..Many mistakes in our live, How do you know your mistake?..We are humble to tell our mistake and to be inbrave. Don’t surrender..Many ways to get your proud.

My Sister..

You can make many activities, you get many rewards from your God..so, don’t be sad..”No Body Perfect”..Make it..make it..make it..You can..

My Brother..

Many problems in our live, but that problems gave inspiration to get many dreams..So, don’t surrender in your live..Let’s go..we see mountains. The mountains is very interest..the Merapi mountain is longger than Sago mountain. The Merapi mountain is longest than of all mountains in West Sumatera..Its only example for me..and How about you? Please, you saw your ground..your city, your valley, your plants and many other..You get some inspirations..its, same for me..”No Body perfect in our world”..so, no body perfect..

My sister and my brother..

Let’s go to get some reward from God..Many activities will be done it..so, don’t sad..tray again..if you have mistake, for give and for give..Don’t repeat again your mistake..so..”No Body Perfect”

picture from: http://welcometomatoaresidence.blogspot.com/2010/02/kesalahan-yang-harus-dihindari-saat.html

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