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Purpose in your live..

Many students give question to them theacher “How about pupose in us live?”..Mmm..”Theacher deep thinking”..than She is say to her students..”we must have puspose in us live”..

Now, I want give you motivation my sis..and it is just for me..We must have purpose in us live”..becouse..in the world, We liven’t alone, we can’t lived alone, we have some people to give motivation, to help our live. And..live is important, live is interest, and I want to ask for you, What do you purpose in your live? Please you give me answer!!

Students can give answer , I want to play, walking and sing a song ect, but we can say, I want to play game, walking becouse we will start for many streets..before now..so purpose in your live? Give many good activity to many peoples, not selected..ok..”we can try to do it”

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